Dr. Mak

Dr. Mak (Murtaza Ahmed Makhdoom)

BDS, MPH (Qld), ADC Cert (Mel), Post Graduate Dip Digital Ortho (UK), Post Grad Dip in Occlusion & Porcelain Veneers (Bespoke Smile Academy). (UK). King College London MSC in Aesthtics Dentistry (Cont..) (UK).
Dr. Mak

Dr. Murtaza Mak is a General and Cosmetic Dentist based in Australia who believes in spreading smiles and the knowledge behind the tools, techniques and theories and he continues to help young dentists around the globe in their mission to spread smiles. He has been linked with dentistry for over 10 years now, graduating in 2012.

Dr. Mak felt the drive and passion to learn from the best and make his way to be a world certified dentist. He has worked with over 30 different dentists and received mentorship and learning to be the best version of himself.

His biggest inspiration has always been his father “Saeed Ahmed Makhdoom”, seeing him so passionate about helping people out and delivering world class treatment to his patients being a doctor led him to work even harder. As a young dentist, his father always encouraged him to work hard to be a better doctor, to pursue growth over comfort, and inspired him to always give back to society. He considers his Mother “Khalida Makhdoom” to be the main motivational force in his life that always motivates him to become better and push harder to get closer to his dream and always being there as a backbone to identify his true abilities and reminding himself of what is important in life.

This is what led him to make one of the most difficult decisions in his life – leaving Pakistan and travelling halfway across the world to pursue his Master’s degree in 2015 alongside studying his way to resume his passion and dentistry in Australia by starting the ADC exams to obtain his dental license and certification.

Through his ADC journey, working and studying at the same time, he understands exactly what ADC candidates go through. This is what motivates him to mentor candidates to achieve success and share his positive side and motivational attitude in never giving up. He doesn’t believe in complaining in life. Everything comes with a price, so don’t stop until you have achieved it.

Dr. Mak is very passionate to grow and become better every day – he doesn’t waste even a single day not growing and learning something new, even if it from YouTube or reading an article. He says “I don’t want to be excellent. I just want to get better every single day, so my learning never stops. The day you become excellent, there is no room for improvement, and I never want to stop learning in my life”. He has done numerous courses, CPDs and postgraduate qualification and has travelling around the world working and learning with some of the best dentist in the world in the past years to level up his skills and is always believe in working hard on improving his skills.

He loves teaching and is extremely passionate about passing on his knowledge, be it in life or dentistry. As your ADC mentor, you will gain from his in-depth knowledge, skills and most importantly the tips and tricks that he has learned and created that will guide you in difficult situations when doing this exam.

“If you have a positive mindset and you believe in your abilities, nobody can stop you from succeeding. So never stop believing in yourself, you know more than you think you do.”



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