60-80 Minute One on One Online Assessment Session




After receiving many messages and requests from people living outside of Australia and in different cities asking how to get their work assessed from me, I am pleased to announce that we are now offering one on one private individual sessions.
We are doing online assessments for all your technical tasks. The 30 min online assessment sessions will cover the following points:
  1. Highlight the major and minor errors in your tasks.
  2. Making you understand the grading criteria properly.
  3. How to correct and avoid those errors in your future work.
  4. Tips and tricks to improve your work.
Assessments are very crucial in improving your work and it’s sad to say that majority of the work I see on a daily basis clearly show me that still majority of the students and candidates are still unaware of the criteria.
This way I can reach out to anyone that cannot physically come and take lessons face-to-face.
One on one assessments will be done over a video call where we will discuss in detail about your Tasks and concerns.
To book for assessments- please message us on our Facebook group- ADC help with Dr Mak “Dream project”, and we will have you organize a time for that.
Make sure you contact us well before your appointment time as there are wait for one on one appointments with Dr Mak.
Dr. Mak.


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