On-Site Hands On Technical Training Sessions (Supervised Training)


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  • On-Site, supervised training with Dr. Mak. Only small groups training 3-4 people maximum for an extensive 3 days training – 12 hrs each day from 8 am to 8pm.
  • Will be covering all the 6 technical tasks in detail learning and training alongside with Dr Mak.

For details email us at – info@drmakdentalacademy.com to book got training. For on-site training- you will have to conduct our online training first prior coming to the on-site training. This will take your technical training to the next level working alongside Dr. Mak.

Dr. Mak believes in pure quality – that’s why he doesn’t train in big groups. He is the only one who teaches his entire courses, so all you get is pure quality without compromising with the type of teaching and knowledge you get.


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Dr. Mak
Dr. Mak
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Dr. Mak helps support dental students who need help when doing their overseas dental license exams. These can be very rough and nerve-wracking, so he…