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A Provisional Crown is dependent on only 3 things:
  1. A Good Crown prep
  2. A Good putty index ( Follow Video 1 for exact guide).
  3. Steps you follow to make your provisional crown.
If you exactly follow my Putty technique as explained in detail in my first video, you will start seeing massive changes in your crown prep already.
Things you need to understand and keep in mind when making a provisional crown:
  • The measurements of your crown prep ?? Also your margin ? Any sharp line angles ? deep undercuts ??  All directly or indirectly impact your provisional crown (As provisional crown is an exact replica of your crown prep)
  • Answers to the important questions you must know.
  • The pressure you utilize when making the putty ??
  • The amount of force and pressure you put on putty index when making a provisional crown ??
  • The way you cut the putty ???
  • Thickness of the putty??
  • The movements you give when using provisional material ??
  • What to do if the margin of provisional crown is deficient??
  • What to do if their is no contact after final polishing and finishing ??
  • How to finish the provisional crown?
  • Should I leave the provisional crown for a few minutes before finishing or should I start finishing straight away ?
  • How to never get air bubbles in your provisional crown ?
A lot of people neglect on taking demos for making a provisional crown, however, each and very step is important when creating a good provisional crown. Provisional crown may be one of the most easiest, however, at the same time the most technique sensitive. So I highly recommend on taking a detailed demo on provisional crown too and consider it as important like any other task.
**** Very important to understand that I haven’t started trimming or finishing my provisional crown yet ! This is the result I normally get when I just remove my putty index. ****
So would be wise, not to neglect the demo of provisional crown.
Dr. Mak


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