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3 Months Access to all videos plus 3 x free one on one online assessment sessions.

This course is all about understanding the fundamentals and mastering the art and science for the ADC technical exam. All the videos are designed to give you a blend of learning along with the tips and tricks that will guide you to stay on the right track. As seen with previous candidates mistakes and the failing pattern it’s very important to not only to perform good tasks in the exam but most importantly understanding that what this exam needs. This will involve:

  1. Taking the grading criteria as our reference and guide every single times.
  2. Understanding the basics of each tasks in depth.
  3. Understanding the difference between major and minor errors.
  4. What are the mistakes that lead us to the failing criteria.
  5. How to correct our work and bring it back from fail to pass.
  6. Understanding the fundamental concepts that was created by Dr Mak to guide you through a ADC path reminding you to focus on passing the exam and not doing fancy dentistry impressing people.
  7. Most importantly let you focus on one clear concept on how to do your tasks rather then confusing you with different techniques.
  8. All the techniques have been simplified so you can replicate it again and again.
  9. With online you have the biggest bonus that you can repeat and watch the videos and concepts taught to you again and again. So everyone can learn things at their own pace.
  10. Ongoing assessments – so you are fully guided throughout the program and we keep on the right track.

We have divided the course in 3 different areas:

  1. FUNDAMENTALS – this will make you understand the concepts behind what this exam requires and understanding the basics and getting the foundation of the theoretical based clinical exam. 10 videos in the fundamentals will prepare you exactly on how to tackle this exam.
  2. THEORY – dive into the details with the theory and the hands on protein for all the 6 technical tasks in depth. So you guide every single concept in detail.This will include both the anterior and posterior tooth.Technical tasks will include:
    1. Composite Masterclass
      • Complex Composite- Theory and in-depth hands on demonstration video.
      • Class IV Composite- Theory and in-depth hands on demonstration video.
    2. Caries prep task- Theory and in-depth hands on demonstration video.
    3. Endo access cavity prep task- Theory and in-depth hands on demonstration video. This will include a detailed diagrammatic video to let you understand the concepts.
    4. Crown prep Masterclass
      • This will include the putty demonstration that will include on both anterior and posterior section.
      • Anterior teeth- Including both the central incisor and Canine
        – Molar tooth
      • Theory and in-depth hands on demonstration videos will be included in this section.
    5. Amalgam Task
      • Theory and in-depth hands on demonstration video.
    6. Provisional Crown
      • This will include the putty techniques along with creating provisional crown basics on both anterior And posterior tooth.
      • Theory and in-depth hands on demonstration video.
  3. BONUS – This is the heart of the course- teach you and let you practice on areas on how to correct your mistakes when things go wrong. Once you mix all the 3 part- you not only get good skills and foundation for your technical task but most importantly get the concepts of important points required to pass this exam. So you don’t end up doing the same errors and end up with the same trap that all the previous candidates have done.

All the best for your journey.

Dr. Mak


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