Endo Access Masterclass

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Endo Access Masterclass
by Dr. Mak
14 Days
8 Lessons

What's Included

I have still noticed a lot of confusion among people with the endo task. Still the criteria and concepts are not very clear among candidates with what do they need to follow.

Common questions asked:

  • What is being conservative?
  • What is straight like access?
  • Do we have to see all 3 canals from an occlusal view after final finishing??
  • How to remove the remaining roof?
  • How to identify major errors.
  • What are major errors ?
  • How many minor errors can I do ?
  • How to avoid gauging??
  • How to avoid divergent walls??
  • Should I work with direct or indirect vision ??

Still confused and need answer for all your questions ??? Join our online Masterclass for Endo Access.

This will guide you from theory to the hands on component, along with tips and tricks to understand your mistakes and avoid any remaining roof that can fail your whole task. Your will get 7 days access to the videos and can watch them multiple times during that time.

Dr Mak

Endo Access Masterclass


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