Technical & Skilled OSCE Masterclass

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Technical & Skilled OSCE Masterclass
by Dr. Mak
14 Days
36 Lessons

What's Included

This course is designed to cater ADC journey needs. Starting with the most important topic the “ INFECTION CONTROL” protocols. This course not only teaches you the basic protocols of infection control , but will give you a in depth information on all the skilled OSCES.

We all know that without knowing and following correct infection control protocols no matter how experienced or a clinician you are, you are risking at losing your whole practical exam if you do a major error.

Skilled OSCE course will include:

  • Introduction and basics to infection control. This will teach you exactly:
    1. How to enter the room
    2. How to leave the room
    3. How to transfer instruments
    4. How to open instruments
    5. Basic etiquettes of how negative in the room.
    6. Basic PPE protocol.
    7. Ergonomics and chair positioning.
    8. L.A how to dispose the needle protocol. Covers both concepts with the infection control protocol.
    9. Q & A session, answering the frequently asked questions. Including the performance OSCES:
      •  L.A OSCE
      • Extraction Performance OSCE
      • Radiology Performance OSCE
      • CPR OSCE
      • Rubber Dam OSCE
      • Fissure Seal OSCE
      • Matrix Band Placement Performance OSCE.
      • Perio Scalling Performance OSCE

My best wishes,
Dr. Mak

Technical & Skilled OSCE Masterclass


Dr. Mak
Dr. Mak
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