Communication OSCE Masterclass (+Supervised Training)

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Communication OSCE Masterclass
by Dr. Mak
3 Days
22 Lessons

What's Included

Available for purchase now but coming soon! This course will be made available shortly.


  • 3 days extensive communication training with Dr. Mak – for your Communication Osce.
  • 3 days extensive training in person both in Sydney and Canberra.
  • 3 days will be a blend of understanding the fundamentals and then practicing role play sessions for you to understand exactly what the exam requires and what you need to deliver and in the exam.


  • 5 one on one role play sessions and a detailed online video library for you to review all the videos and have access to the portal – so can keep reviewing the concepts.

For booking you can email us at –

Dr. Mak
Communication OSCE Masterclass
COMING SOON! This course will be made available shortly.


Dr. Mak
Dr. Mak
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Dr. Mak helps support dental students who need help when doing their overseas dental license exams. These can be very rough and nerve-wracking, so he…